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Adam Dunn pitches, nearly hits Elvis Andrus (GIF)

The Chicago White Sox were down 15 runs to the Texas Rangers on Tuesday night. As any reasonable manager would do at that point, Robin Ventura took stock of his roster and considered which position player he should use as a pitcher.

How he arrived at full-time designated hitter Adam Dunn is anybody’s guess, but we should all take a moment to be thankful that he did. You know how people will often use end their tweets with the hash-tag #blessed? This was one of the times that said hash-tag should have been used liberally.

So there Dunn was, having dusted off his fielding glove and taken the time to remember how to throw a baseball, ready to take on his first batter.

Elvis Andrus of the Texas Rangers stepped up to the plate, and this is what happened.



It’s just a good thing for Dunn that Kirk Gibson wasn’t the manager for the opposing team, because you better believe he would have been ready to do all kinds of retaliating after that pitch.

It is unclear if Ventura genuinely thought it was the best option to pitch the big man or is he just did so because he has a good sense of humor. Whatever the case may be, I am sure glad that he did it.

You got to see Adam Dunn pitch in a professional baseball game tonight. Chalk this one up as a good day.

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