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Colorado Rockies spell another name wrong on a giveaway item

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The Colorado Rockies completely embarrassed themselves recently when they spelled star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki‘s name wrong on a giveaway jersey.

What made that situation even worse was the fact that the Rockies’ PR, or whichever department discovered the error, decided to distribute the shirts anyway. All of this came in the context, of course, of trade rumors that are surrounding the Rockies and their franchise player.

It is probably a stretch to assume that Tulowitzki would actually factor a relatively trivial incident like this one into his decision to demand a trade, but it probably didn’t help his feelings about the franchise either.

One would assume that, if nothing else, the Rockies would learn a painful lesson from that experience and never, ever make that mistake again. But since the Rockies seem bound and determined to make their 2014 season one giant punchline, they went ahead and made the same mistake just weeks later.

In this case, it is not a one-time error but instead a souvenir cup that is presumably available anytime. At issue is the spelling of Nolan Arenado‘s name (h/t @SeeCoryPlay):

The Rockies have somehow managed to go from spelling their franchise player’s name to spelling their future franchise player’s name wrong. All while their owner angers people up and down the state and the fan base grows increasingly frustrated with the whole situation.

But hey, other than that, it’s been a great season for the Rockies.

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