Aug 25, 2013; Williamsport, PA, USA; Japan players celebrate after defeating California (West) 6-4 in the Little League World Series Championship game at Lamade Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew O

Little League World Series 2014: TV schedule

One of the most exciting sporting events of the entire year is about to take place as the Little League World Series will play out in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Each and every year the best young players in the sport of baseball from around the world gather in this one place in central Pennsylvania, where they compete for the right to be called world champions.

The best part about all of this is you can watch it all play out on national television on the ESPN family of networks. And with that being said, here’s a look at the complete TV schedule for this year’s Little League World Series.

2014 LLWS (All times E

Date Teams TV
Aug. 14, 1 pm Game 1: Intl. vs. Intl. ESPN
Aug. 14, 3 pm Game 2: US vs. US ESPN
Aug. 14, 5 pm Game 3: Intl. vs. Intl. ESPN2
Aug. 14, 7 pm Game 4: US vs. US ESPN2
Aug. 15, 1 pm Game 5: Intl. vs. Intl. ESPN
Aug. 15, 3 pm Game 6: US vs. US ESPN
Aug. 15, 5 pm Game 7: Intl. vs. Intl, ESPN2
Aug. 15, 8 pm Game 8: US vs. US ESPN
Aug. 16, Noon Game 9: L-G1 vs. L-G3 ESPN
Aug. 16, 2 pm Game 10: L-G2 vs. L-G4 ABC
Aug. 16, 5 pm Game 11: L-G5 vs. L-G7 ESPN2
Aug. 16, 7 pm Game 12: L-G6 vs. L-G8 ESPN
Aug. 17, Noon Game 13: W-G1 vs. W-G3 ESPN2
Aug. 17, 2 pm Game 14: W-G2 vs. W-G4 ABC
Aug. 17, 5 pm Game 15: W-G5 vs. W-G7 ESPN
Aug. 17, 7 pm Game 16: W-G6 vs. W-G8 ESPN2
Aug. 18, 11 am Game 1: L-G9 vs. L-G10 ESPN2
Aug. 18, 1 pm Game 17: L-G15 vs. W-G9 ESPN
Aug. 18, 3 pm Game 18: L-G16 vs. W-G10 ESPN
Aug. 18, 6 pm Game 19: L-G13 vs. W-G11 ESPN2
Aug. 18, 8 pm Game 20: L-G14 vs. W-G12 ESPN2
Aug. 19, Noon Game B: L-G11 vs. L-G12 ESPN
Aug. 19, 3 pm Game 21: W-G17 vs. W-G19 ESPN
Aug. 19, 7:30 pm Game 22: W-G18 vs. W-G20 ESPN
Aug. 20, 3 pm Game 23: W-G13 vs. W-G15 ESPN
Aug. 20, 7:30 pm Game 24: W-G14 vs. W-G16 ESPN
Aug. 21, 3 pm Game 25: W-G21 vs. L-G23 ESPN
Aug. 21, 7:30 pm Game 26: W-G22 vs. L-G24 ESPN
Aug. 23, 12:30 pm Intl. Championship ABC
Aug. 23, 3:30 pm US Championship ABC
Aug. 24, 11 am 3rd-Place Game ESPN
Aug. 24, 3 pm World Series Championship ABC

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