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Drew Brees plays prank on head coach Sean Payton (Photo)

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From the perspective of things on the outside looking in, the New Orleans Saints are feeling pretty loose so far in training camp. Just enjoying themselves, joking around with each other, and having a grand old time playing this game of football that we love so much.

The Saints are also taking the time to have a sense of humor and mess with each other, especially head coach Sean Payton and quarterback Drew Brees in the last few days.

It all started earlier in camp when Payton clowned Brees by having the sponsorship patch on his jersey swapped out so that it said ‘Rogaine.’ That is a pretty good one, but then Brees stepped it up a notch in getting his coach back on Wednesday afternoon.

From Payton’s own Twitter account:

If Drew Brees truly has a posse, that is something  I want to be a part of.

Apparently this joke emerges from a bit between Payton and his players that he is not a very good driver as he totes around in a golf cart during his day to day routine.

The joke in itself is funny, but credit is especially in order for Brees’s efforts in acquiring a crash test dummy. That takes things up a notch. You’ve got to respect that effort, as Payton clearly did upon seeing the joke.

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