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9 Reasons to Get Excited for Preseason Football

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NFL preseason football has just started, which for a lot of football fans means, well: nothing. Fans are often apathetic about the four games each team plays before the regular season because it doesn’t matter who wins and who loses. A team can absolutely lose all of its preseason matches, but still go on to make the playoffs. Even worse: there’s the chance of injury. Most starters don’t play very much during the preseason, but the fact that they’re out there taking a risk at all is annoying to some. The fact of the matter is, preseason football has excitement and drama, too; it’s just different than what you expect from a typical NFL game. Still, it’s worth getting NFL preseason tickets and checking it out. Here are 9 reasons why:

1. It Changes Lives

That might sound dramatic, but it’s also true. Sure, preseason football doesn’t mean anything in terms of a team’s record, but for a lot of young guys, it’s their one chance to impress the coach and earn a spot on the roster. Over 1100 guys who are on an NFL team at the beginning of August will not be there in September. For them, it’s not about a win or a loss; it’s about making that one catch, that one block, or that one interception that is going to earn them a place on an NFL team and change their lives forever. 

2. Position Battles

Sure, the starters only play a few snaps, but you’re going to see those marquee players on the field all season long. Plus, you already know what they can do. Preseason football is all about watching the rookies and the second and third string guys — guys who are fighting to move up the ladder. The physical competition is always exciting, and it’s also a chance to see how younger players — the future of your team – perform.

3. It’s So More Than Just an Exhibition

A lot of people refer to preseason games as “Exhibition Games.” While technically this is true, that definition doesn’t actually represent the spirit of what’s occurring. This isn’t a friendly match between teams. First of all, in most cases, there’s nothing “friendly” about it. But besides that, this isn’t just coaches whittling down the roster from 90 players to 53; it’s also their chance to try out new offensive and defensive schemes. And to see what needs to be worked on in practice. Can’t really argue with that, can ya?

4. Hard Hits and Tackles

Players aren’t allowed much contact during training camp, which means guys are itching to put on those pads and go out and hit. This is also important as it helps get their bodies ready for those inevitable collisions come September. And who doesn’t love to watch great tackles?

5. Rookies Get Actual NFL Experience

If you have a rookie on your team who’s going to be starting, you should be singing the praises of preseason. After all, this is his only chance to get actual playing time in a legitimate NFL environment before the regular season begins. Let him get his jitters out when the score doesn’t matter.

5. Trick Plays & Going for It on 4th Down

Obviously, the coach aren’t going to show all of their cards, but preseason games are a great time for coaches to experiment with trick plays and, even more important, to go for it on 4th down. You’ll be happy they worked on that in a legit NFL game environment when your guys go for it on 4th and 1 — and pick up the first down — during an actual game.

6. It’s the Only Time You Can Ignore the Football

Fine: you’ll still want to keep an eye on the ball, but this is also a great opportunity to focus on who’s making great blocks, has impressive footwork, or picks up the blitz. If you miss something happen with the ball, you won’t kick yourself.

7. Tickets Are Affordable

One of the biggest complaints about preseason games is from season ticket holders who pay regular season prices for games that “don’t matter.” If you’re not a season ticket holder, however, this is a great opportunity to check out a game without breaking the bank. You can save on preseason, regular season or NFLplayoff tickets with ScoreBig,com

8. No Concession Stand Lines

If you’re lucky enough to actually go to a preseason game, you can be assured that you won’t have to wait very long for that hot dog. Plus, you get to eat a hot dog.

9. It’s Football

Does the final score matter? No. Are there going to be guys on the field you haven’t heard of before? Probably. But is it still NFL football? Absolutely. You’ve been waiting months for football to come back. If you get into the preseason games, it just starts that much sooner.

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