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New York Mets trade rumors: Team laying groundwork for off-season deal with the Colorado Rockies?

The New York Mets and the Colorado Rockies are getting to know one another.

They have viewed each other’s online dating profiles and decided that their interests might make them a good match. Nervously, they communicated with one another via emails and instant messages. Still feeling comfortable that they were good together, they are now starting to see one another in person and get more serious about things.

The Mets have long been linked to Rockies’ stars Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez. Andy Martino of the New York Daily News reports that the Rockies are keeping close track of a number of players, specifically power pitchers, in the Mets’ minor league system:

We were interested to learn that the Rockies did a lot of poking around the Mets’ system late last month, sending several top evaluators – including general manager Dan O’Dowd — to watch their minor league teams.

This work was done in advance of the July 31st deadline in what Martino describes as “initial discussions.” He then notes that this would give the two teams a starting point to talk this winter, especially for a possible deal with Gonzalez:

Could the Mets accommodate a more significant leap in payroll and acquire Tulowitzki, owed $126 million through 2019? People around Alderson believe that he would have a chance, if he made a strong case to ownership – but that he is more inclined to present the CarGo option (four years, $60 million), especially if he can dump most of Colon’s $11 million salary on another team.

The way things are promising to pick up this off-season, these two will make their relationship ‘Facebook official’ in no time.

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