Aug 8, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy (25) runs with the ball during the first quarter of a preseason game against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

LeSean McCoy throws 45 pound plates 'like frisbees' (Video)

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LeSean McCoy wants to break the 2,000-yard barrier this year, but to do that he needs to get stronger. And to get stronger he needs to…throw 45-pound plates as far as he can from a seated position.

McCoy boasts on his Vine that the 45-pound plates now feel “like frisbees.” I’ve never seen a person throw a frisbee from that particular position using that particular technique, but whatever. Far be it from me to argue with a man who can throw a 45-pound metal disc that far through the air with seemingly little effort.

Oh, no doubt LeSean McCoy, you are going for 2,000 yards this year. Whatever you say big guy. Please just don’t crush me into a disc and hurl me in the general direction of some very brave guy.

Hey, I wonder if LeSean has ever considered taking up the discus. He could be a pioneer of the new sport of heavy discus throwing. He’s already introduced a revolutionary approach to the heavy discus, the two-handed butt-throw. Track and field hasn’t seen an innovation like this since the Fosbury Flop.


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