Dec 5, 2012; Auburn Hills, MI, USA; Golden State Warriors power forward Andris Biedrins (15) before the game against the Detroit Pistons at The Palace. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Warriors fan trolls Andris Biedrins with Kelly Clarkson song (Video)

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When the Golden State Warriors drafted Andris Biedrins with the 11th selection in the 2004 NBA Draft, there was hope the organization had found their big man of the future.

That speculation only grew as Andris Biedrins looked very good during his rookie NBA season, impressive considering he had never played college ball. Might the Warriors have struck gold in the draft?

A solid rookie season morphed into another good sophomore year before Andris Biedrins seemingly broke out in his third season. In the end, the Golden State Warriors ended up giving Andris Biedrins a six-year, $54 million dollar contract that could have grown to $62 million had the Latvian met incentives.

But alas, the Warriors dream of finding their next franchise big man came to a crashing halt as Biedrins looked like another player after receiving his mega-contract.

Not only did his stats dwindle, so did his effort. That created frustration and friction in the Golden State Warriors front office and among their fans, making Andris Biedrins quickly fall in their good graces.

Biedrins was forced to play out the vast majority of his contract with the Warriors considering no other NBA team wanted to touch him with a 100-foot pole until he was finally traded to the Utah Jazz in a salary cap deal.

Now completely out of the NBA, a Golden State Warriors fan couldn’t help but turn his career restrospective into Kelly Clarkson’s famed hit song ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’.

It’ll probably be one of the better things you see today, so give it a watch.

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