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Pigeons on field delay game at Comerica Park (Video)

The Detroit Tigers and Pittsburgh Pirates dealt with an interesting situation early in their game on Wednesday afternoon.

At issue were two pigeons on the field, strutting around and hanging out while Pirates’ starter Vance Worley tried to pitch to Tigers’ slugger Miguel Cabrera.

They tried ignoring the pigeons and playing on. That didn’t work, and frankly, I don’t think Worley or Cabrera liked the way those pigeons were looking at them.

Next they tried shooing them anyway. That also didn’t work, at which point the stubborn disposition of the birds was to be admired. Each individual party tried to get them out of there, making kicking motions or waving with a bat. That didn’t work.

Even the umpire tried to exercise his authority over the situation, but apparently the pigeons were not persuaded that he held any authority over them.

Birds, man. You never know what they’re thinking. Sure, maybe they are just on the field because they like baseball. Maybe they just wanted to get close to a prolific hitter like Cabrera or maybe they are fond of the man known as the “Vanimal.”

On the other hand, they could be evil. That’s the thing with birds. You just can’t know. So the best bet is to go get some nets and have the grounds crew get them, probably.

Check out video of the pigeons causing a delay in the game below:

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