Team USA coach Mike Krzyzewski latest to take on ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The latest craze on the internet involves people dumping buckets of ice water on their heads. The best part about this viral internet craze is that it isn’t purely silly or stupid, it is all for a good cause, to to raise money and awareness for ALS.

Even celebrities and famous athletes are getting in on the challenge. The latest of which is Duke basketball and Team USA basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski. To help him out, Krzyzewski had all his grand children present and two of them dumped the ice water on him.

After completing the challenge you get to challenge others to do it. Though he named his before hand, Krzyzewski challenged the entire United States basketball team to do it, and listed a specific date, August 18th when the team practices at West Point. Krzyzewski then invited any cadets to partake by dumping the ice on their heads, and they’ll probably need ladders to get high enough to dump it on the NBA players.

That should also make for an incredible video.

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