New York Knicks upset Toure' Murry signed with Jazz

The New York Knicks are in the midst of a mini-rebuild (as much as one can with two mega deals on the books) and despite letting guard Toure Murry hit free agency in June, it wasn’t an indication that didn’t want to re-sign him.

In fact, the New York Knicks desperately wanted to re-sign the young guard and allegedly requested that he not sign with any team and in turn would attempt to re-sign him once they figured their roster out.

Such was a lot to ask for Toure Murry, who while not a household name, was drawing significant interest from the Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat and Utah Jazz.

Murry seemed to wait a bit on the New York Knicks as he remained un-signed going into the middle of August, though the wait eventually became too long and he joined the Jazz, picking them over all of his interested suitors. Despite that, the Knicks didn’t want to let him go.

The Knicks, sources say, have been trying this month to convince Murry to hold off on signing elsewhere as they try continue to sort out their roster, with New York hopeful of bringing back the athletic combo guard after allowing Murry to become an unrestricted free agent at end the June.

So you’re probably asking why allow him to become a free agent if the Knicks wanted to re-sign him so badly? Simply, money. The New York Knicks don’t have much wiggle room on their books and there was a small possibility that re-signing Toure Murry could have cost the Knicks a deal in free agency.

That of course didn’t prove to be true, but they did end up losing Murry’s services over it.

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