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Arian Foster opens up to the media just a bit

A day after the NFL threatened Arian Foster with a fine if he did not dutifully fulfill his media obligations, Foster decided to open up to the media. Well, ‘open up’ may be the wrong term, but Foster did cooperate at least somewhat.

Foster has not been a big fan of the national media this offseason as he is coming back off of a season ending back injury. Foster was seemingly sick and tired of the questions regarding his health, and instead decided to troll the media time and time again.

Two weeks ago Foster spoke with media at Texans’ training camp, and answered essentially the same exact response to ten completely different questions. While fans around the NFL got a chuckle from Foster’s hijinks and unwillingness to speak with the media, the NFL threatened him with the fine.

In his most recent interview, Foster answered 17 questions and no answer was longer than two sentences. Here is a snippet of the transcript during Foster’s interview, courtesy of the Houston Chronicle:

How he feels getting back out on the practice field: “Good.”

How he feels about his role in the offense: “I feel good about it.”

If he considered retiring after last season: “I’m just out here trying to be the best teammate I can be, man.”

If he meant what he said to Hannah Storm about considering retirement: “Every day you just work hard. You’ve got to be the best teammate you can be out here.”

How much it helps his team to play against another team: “A lot. It helps a lot.”

How practicing against another team helps his team: “It just helps very much with everything.”

While Foster is begrudgingly participating in his media obligations, at the very least he is answering a few of the questions sent his way. His favorite response of the offseason has unanimously been “I’m just out here trying to be the best teammate I can be”.

There is no doubt Foster can barely wait any longer to have his play do the talking rather than his mouth.

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