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Detroit Tigers giveaway wrong Miguel Cabrera bobbleheads (Photo)

The Detroit Tigers boast a pitching rotation that has three of the last four AL Cy Young winners and they have a lineup that has a Triple Crown winner and MVP in it.

With all those accolades, you’d think that the Tigers would be able to keep who has won what straight, but you’d be very much mistaken if you were under that impression. It was Miguel Cabrera bobblehead night on Friday and the Tigers are of the belief that Cabrera won the National League MVP — which is impossible seeing as he plays in the American League.

You may be thinking that Cabrera maybe won the MVP during his days with the then-Florida Marlins but you should stop that train of thought because it’s wrong. Cabrera is a two-time AL MVP winner and despite what the Tigers try to tell you in bobblehead form, those are the facts and nothing can change that.

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