Aug 25, 2013; Williamsport, PA, USA; Japan players celebrate after defeating California (West) 6-4 in the Little League World Series championship game at Lamade Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew O

Little League World Series player Blake Money has brother named 'Cash Money'

Every year, the Little League World Series provides some hilarious moments to the viewers at home and the 2014 edition in Williamsport, Pennsylvania is no different thanks to 12 year old Blake Money of Tennessee.

On the graphic during his at-bat, it was revealed that his siblings’ names are Morgan, Logan and Cash.

Yes, his brother’s name is apparently Cash Money which makes him one of the coolest kids on the planet.

As one Twitter user points out, his siblings also sound like they could set up their own law firm.

To the parents of Blake Money, well done, my friends.

But what does Cash Money look like? Exactly how you would expect.

I can now call you “my friends,” because anyone who has a little humor when naming their children — especially after a rap label — is a friend of mine. South Nashville may just have one of the greatest families in the good ole U.S. of A.

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