Aug 8, 2014; Akron, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James talks with the media during the LeBron James Family Foundation Reunion and Rally at InfoCision Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Cavaliers Rumors: Will Kevin Love and LeBron James stay healthy in 2014?

The Cleveland Cavaliers went out and got LeBron James this summer and doing so has given them wide eyes and a bottomless stomach when it comes to adding other pieces to the team.

Even before LeBron was signed, there was talk of acquiring Kevin Love to try and get LeBron to come to Cleveland, but now that LeBron is there first, there was continued talk of such a deal happening until it actually happened — sort of. But now that LeBron, Love and Kyrie Irving have formed a new Big 3, the question is how well will it all work?

According to Basketball Insider’s Jabari Davis, who may or may not be stating the obvious, LeBron and Kevin Love will be a beast to deal with

LeBron/Love/Kyrie are going to be a beast to deal with on a nightly basis. No question about that, but I will say it places an added level of importance on guys like Love/Kyrie to come into the season as strong as possible and stay healthy throughout. They have some other pieces remaining and look as though they’ll have a few veteran guys that know how to win, but if either of those guys get hurt along the way it will leave them with a top-heavy attack similar to what LeBron just dealt with in Miami.
Of course, if all parties stay healthy, the Cavaliers are an unstoppable force but if one of the Big 3 goes down, the Cavs are still susceptible to the pitfalls that were present in Miami had Wade, Bosh or LeBron went down, although the team is better prepared than any of those Heat teams to deal with such a scenario.

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