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Earl Thomas on returning punts: 'I'm just swagging it out'

Seattle Seahawks’ head coach Pete Carroll has built up a lot of credibility over the last few years. Rightfully so, as the Seahawks have built a ridiculously deep roster with talent on both sides of the ball, developed a lot of talent with late round picks, and now have  Super Bowl ring to show for it.

It would appear that Carroll wants to test just how much credibility he has, as he is inexplicably having franchise safety Earl Thomas return punts. Furthermore, he is trotting Thomas out there to return punts in preseason games.

Just take a moment and imagine if Thomas played for a head coach like Jason Garrett or Andy Reid and this decision was carried out. That’s the kind of coach-bashing that goes viral, you know?

Anyhow, this is apparently a thing and will continue to be a thing, and thanks to Jayson Jenks of the Seattle Times, we have this very outstanding quote from Thomas about how he feels about returning punts:

The feasible explanation for this decision is as follows. Thomas went to Carroll and said he wanted to get involved in the return game. Carroll said absolutely not. Thomas said, “C’mon coach, if you let me return punts, I’ll be swagging it out.” Then Carrol was like, “well, when you put it that way…you’re in!”

On Friday night against the Seahawks, Thomas had one return for five yards and, thankfully, zero injuries.

Thomas recorded 105 tackles, forced two fumbles, and intercepted five passes in 2013. His singular ability to roam in the secondary is as important as any aspect of that devastating Seattle defense. That does not seem like something the Seahawks would want to risk by having Thomas return punts, yet that appears to be the plan.

At least that plan will yield awesome quotes from Thomas about swagging and such related matters.

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