Aug 15, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; Miss Texas pageant winner Monique Evans throws out the ceremonial first pitch before the game between the Texas Rangers and the Los Angeles Angels at Globe Life Park in Arlington. Los Angeles won 5-4. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Miss Texas' first pitch at Rangers game may be worst ever (Video)

You know, I’ve never understood why people decide to throw out ceremonial first pitches at a Major League Baseball game if they can’t throw a baseball.

I understand for some it might be a cool thing to do and even an honor in some situations, but would you attempt to kick a field goal if you never set foot on a football field? Would you captain a ship if you had never been on a boat?

At minimum, you’d think you’d spend some time in the tunnel warming up your arm in the minutes leading up to your first pitch, right? Well, I’m guessing Miss Texas decided to just walk to the mound and let it fly, which didn’t end very well.

During the past few months we’ve witnessed a lot of bad first pitches, though none more famously than 50 Cent’s atrocity (which he blamed on chronic masturbation). Shockingly though the G-Unit rapper might be off the hook in terms of having the worst first pitch this season, if not ever after Monique Evans put her ‘skills’ on display.

Things started off okay, although rather unique as the reigning Miss Texas decided to incorporate some type of gymnastics into her routine. Of course, doing such on an elevated mound (and possibly in heels) isn’t likely a recipe for success and the overly bubbly Evans flung her ball completely out of the picture as it spiked into the ground.

The best reaction may not have been Evans (who despite the poor throw was increadiably happy) but the Texas Rangers mascot who seemingly couldn’t believe his horse eyes.

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