Aug 16, 2014; Cincinnati, OH, USA; New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan looks on during the game against the Cincinnati Bengals in the second half at Paul Brown Stadium. The Jets won 25-17. Mandatory Credit: Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Rex Ryan says Jets 'won't take anybody's stuff' after flag-fest vs. Bengals

The Jets were called for 12 penalties Saturday against the Cincinnati Bengals, including a truly impressive 6 flags for 15-yard personal fouls.

Normally a head coach isn’t happy after such a display of poor discipline but Rex Ryan isn’t your normal head coach. Rex was unapologetic and unfazed after his team lost its collective cool and made it rain yellow flags.

Rex was actually quite happy with the way his team stuck together in the face of what he believes was dirty play by Cincinnati (via

“Again, we’re not here to take anything from anybody,” Ryan said. “If a teammate is at risk, then we’re not going to take that. We want to be a clean, physical football team, and that’s what we plan on being.”

Asked if anything had precipitated all the chippiness, Ryan doubled down.

“We’re not here to take anybody’s stuff, period,” he said.

Rex Ryan gets what preseason is all about. Partly it’s about working on technique and getting guys up to speed with the scheme and all that, but mostly it’s about building an attitude.

Rex wants his guys getting flagged in preseason as long as they’re getting flagged for the right reasons. Flags for standing up to an arguably dirty team are all right. They show that guys are pulling together as a unit in the face of adversity.

Preaseason as a great big exercise in team building via antagonism? It’s the Rex Ryan way.

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