Aussie rules football player sucker punches opponent (GIF)

Aussie rules football can get pretty damn rough but even in that borderline-barbaric sport, sucker punching is generally frowned upon.

This particular player couldn’t care less about rules against hitting guys from behind. He cheap shots his opponent right in the face, knocking him to the turf (or grass or sod or whatever the hell you call it in Australia).


A closer look shows exactly how violent the punch was.


BOOM down goes Crocodile Dundee.

That’s just about as bad as it gets as far as cheap shots in sports. The last time I saw something like that it was in a women’s soccer game.

Aussie rules is usually an honorable sport despite the intense physicality, so it’s sad to see the game being dragged down to the level of women’s soccer, where no one has any honor whatsoever and people are constantly dragging each other around by the hair and punching each other and generally acting like dirt bags.

Hopefully whatever committee or court or counsel of elders governs this league will move swiftly and make sure this player gets some discipline. We’ve got to keep Aussie rules football clean or what will there be left for our children to believe in?

[GIFs via The Big Lead]

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