Aug 17, 2014; Santa Clara, CA, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18 gestures on the sidleines against the San Francisco 49ers in the inaugural football game at Levi

NFL Network can't tell Peyton Manning and Jay Cutler apart (Photo)

I know stuff happens sometimes – early in the morning, someone hasn’t had enough coffee, the wrong button gets pressed, yada yada – but really…accidentally using a picture of Jay Cutler on a graphic about Peyton Manning?

How do you not realize that the picture you just put up is not Peyton Manning? Peyton Manning is such an obscure, little-known player?

And how does Jay Cutler end up in Manning’s place? Cutler hasn’t played with the Broncos for years. Why do you even still have a picture of Cutler in a Broncos uniform?

Some graphical gaffes are amusing and some leave you flat out shaking your head, wondering how in the hell anyone could be so stupid.

It almost seems like an act of deliberate sabotage. Is some hacker attempting to undermine the credibility of NFL Network?

They need to tighten up the ship over there at NFL Network, that is for sure. And while they’re at it, would they consider getting rid of Michael Irvin? God he is awful.

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