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Little League coach David Belisle delivers outstanding motivational speech (Video)

Nothing ruins youth sports faster than adults. Whether it be coaches, umpires, or parents in the stands, time and time again a youth sporting event will be sabotaged by adults who think it’s about them.

A serious tip of the cap is in order, then, to Little League coach David Belisle. In the moments after his Cumberland team lost in the Little League World Series and saw their season end (as far as a championship is concerned), Belisle pulled them aside for one final speech on the season.

Understanding that his job in that spot is to lead those kids through a tough moment and to show them how to deal with disappointment, Belisle did just that.

He did not berate them for losing a close game or throw tantrums because the season was over. He realized that his job is to coach beyond the action on the field; that is a serious responsibility, one that many adults make a mess of, and Belisle seemed to be aware of that fact.

“Awesome. Awesome. Absolutely awesome.” Simply enough, that’s how Coach Belisle summed up the season for his young players. That is also how I would describe his speech to them as he tried to put their memorable season in perspective.

Check out video of the outstanding speech below.

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