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New York Knicks rumors: Knicks to start Amar'e Stoudemire at center?

After a fantastic 2012-2013 season that saw them finally win a playoff series, the New York Knicks were terrible last season. They went from 54 wins to 37 wins and missed the playoffs. Part of the reason for their struggles was injuries and part was poor personnel decisions (trading for Andrea Bargnani, putting their faith in point guard Raymond Felton, etc..). The Knicks will likely be able to improve next season after the contracts of Bargnani and Amar’e Stoudemire come off of the books.

For now, the Knicks may have new plans for Stoudemire. According to Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders, the Knicks may start Stoudemire at center.

From what I understand, and I had this conversation today… there is talk that Amar’e could start at the five in most situations, with Bargs at the four, Melo at the three and the camp battle at the two (likely JR Smith) then Jose at the point guard spot.

We’ll see.

Keep in mind the Knicks have Jason Smith and Samuel Dalembert — both of which are serviceable starters at the five and decent defenders. I think Jason Smith is really under rated in this area.

The Knicks have options, and I think you’ll see a different approach from Shumpert and Amar’e.

Stoudemire had a rough 2013-2014 season despite staying relatively healthy (he missed 17 games). He put up just 11.9 points and 4.9 rebounds per game while shooting 55.7% from the field and 73.9% from the free throw line. Over his career, he has averaged 20.4 points, 8.3 rebounds, 1.3 assists and 1.3 blocks in 33.0 minutes per game while shooting 53.5% from the field and 76.2% from the charity stripe.

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