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Jeremy Lin rumors: Good season with Lakers likely

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The Los Angeles Lakers did what they could to snag a high profile free agent this offseason, but they were left at the alter and didn’t get the prized talent they wished for.

It wasn’t all bad however as the Lakers did have an excess of cap room and were able to absorb the contract of point guard Jeremy Lin, who couldn’t be more excited to return to his native California.

The former Houston Rockets point guard struggled at times in Texas but now with little competition in his way and more freedom, it’s expected that Jeremy Lin will have a good season with the Los Angeles Lakers.

He should get the chance to start again and I think he’ll get more touches than he did in Houston. Also, he shouldn’t have as much pressure on him anymore since the crazy expectations have been lowered a little bit in recent years. Coming off of Linsanity in NY, people were expecting him to be a superstar and I think that was unrealistic. In Los Angeles, I think he’ll put up good numbers and surprise some people.

There’s no doubt that Jeremy Lin has his warts, especially on the defensive end. It’s not that he lacks effort, but he just isn’t quick enough with his feet and at times that can get him and his team in trouble. That said, he’s a very talented offensive player and should fit well with a team that will need some additional scoring beyond Kobe Bryant and Nick Young.

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