Aug 19, 2014; Chicago, IL, Chicago Cubs manager Rick Renteria and San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy discuss the condition of the field after a rain delay in the fifth inning at Wrigley Field. Mandatory Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco Giants unhappy with Cubs over botched tarp

When the San Francisco Giants began play with the Chicago Cubs on Tuesday night, they sat just 3.5 games behind the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League West and held the second Wild Card spot.

Sitting right behind them are the Atlanta Braves and Pittsburgh Pirates, both nipping at San Francisco’s heels. Needless to say, every game is of extreme importance and the last thing you want to have happen is human error resulting in a bad situation. But that’s exactly what happened at Wrigley Field as a downpour of rain struck moments after the game had enterd the bottom of the fifth inning, making it an official game.

Attempting to get the tarp on the field, the Chicago Cubs groundscrew had a woeful time and in turn allowed the field to become overly saturated. The San Francisco Giants held out long as they could before umpires had to officially call the game at 2 A.M. local time, giving the last-place Cubs a 2-0 victory.

San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy was not happy.

“Look, I’m frustrated, beside myself,” Bochy told reporters, via Mark Gonzalez of The Chicago Tribune. “It’s probably not in the right frame of mind. It’s my last (recourse). I hope they listen and watch how what happened there because in this day and time it shouldn’t happen, can’t happen, I think, with the importance of these games. I’m going to leave it at that.”

Both the Giants and Cubs were said to ask Major League Baseball to suspend the game, but per the rule book that was not allowable and the Giants ended up losing a game in the standings because of a tarp error.

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