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Bud Selig wants to see female players in the big leagues

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Fans across the nation are still riding the momentum of Mo’ne Davis fever after the young pitcher dominated during her appearances on the mound during the Little League World Series.

That excitement got MLB commissioner Bud Selig thinking that he would like to see a woman play in the big leagues during his lifetime. As quoted by

“I think it’s captivating what’s happened in Williamsport,” Selig said. “Someday, I hope in my lifetime, there’s a woman in the big leagues. I’d be very, very happy.”

Not that I am in the business of bursting anybody’s bubble, but Selig is 80 years old. If some talented young woman is going to kick that door down in Selig’s lifetime, they better get to work soon.

For all of the ways that baseball is perceived a sport that is falling behind the times, it has historically been on the cutting edge of social issues. That happened most famously with Jackie Robinson and integration, of course, and it continues to be a sport that deserves to be celebrated for its diversity and international appeal.

It might not necessarily be likely to happen, but if ever one of the major sports was going to be positioned to have a female player among its ranks, it would be baseball. From the perspective of those in charge of the sport, that would be an exciting prospect for the historical magnitude of the accomplishment as well as the attention it would bring to their game.

Just imagine how viral baseball would go if they had a woman make a big league roster.

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