Aug 16, 2014; St. Louis, MO, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Scott Tolzien (16) gets a pass away before getting hit by St. Louis Rams defensive end Michael Sam (96) during the second half at Edward Jones Dome. Mandatory Credit: Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Sam bails out fan who promised drinks for sack of Johnny Manziel

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Johnny Manziel isn’t exactly the most liked guy in the NFL, or in the sports world in general. So, it shouldn’t have been surprising to hear of people wanting him to be sacked at nearly every chance on the field.

However, one person went a step further over the weekend—promising fans on Twitter that he would buy free drinks for everyone on the Internet for the rest of their lives if St. Louis Rams rookie defensive end Michael Sam sacked Manziel and did the money sign that Manziel is famous for.

Little did he actually think it would happen, but boy did it ever happen. And because the internet is the internet, no one let the guy who made the tweet forget about it.

After realizing the error of his ways, King sought a compromise solution to the problem of his own creation—finding a charity to donate to.  Sam apparently caught wind of what happened, as was kind enough to suggest where to donate to:

Fisher made the donation and learned a valuable lesson—don’t put something out in social media that you aren’t ready to back up. Well, that and the internet doesn’t forget.

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