Jul 21, 2014; Dallas, TX, USA; Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury speaks to the media during the Big 12 Media Day at the Omni Dallas. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Kliff Kingsbury: What's a day in the life of the Texas Tech head coach like?

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Texas Tech Red Raiders head football coach Kliff Kingsbury has become one of the most polarizing figures in the game of college football currently. No, he doesn’t have a handful of title rings on his hand, like someone the likes of Nick Saban. To that point, this is only his second year as a head coach in major college football, just taking over the Red Raiders program prior to the 2013 campaign.

No, Kingsbury has gotten himself over with the always harsh college football community by way of his Hollywood-style looks and laid back demeanor on the field and the recruiting trail.

But have you ever wondered what his days as the most significant face of the Red Raiders program is like? Well if you have, thankfully, Matt Crossman over at Bleacher Report was granted access to Kingsbury for a day, and needless to say, the coach is more than just a Ryan Gosling look-alike in a coach’s shirt.

For instance, Kingsbury’s days start about as early as possible, waking up at 4 AM and getting his own workout out of the way, before he puts the physical pressure on the players that he oversees.

He usually arrives at 4:30, so that he finishes his morning workout as the players start theirs. He wants them to see that he does what he asks them to do, only more. But the players don’t have an early workout today, so Kingsbury took his time getting in.

You can also get a look at the highly popular Women’s Clinic that Kingsbury runs, that teaches women that are interested about the ins and outs of the game of football.

The football building buzzed all day, and now it’s time to find out why: Kingsbury will host the second Kliff Kingsbury Women’s Clinic, a fundraiser that teaches women the basics about football. Kingsbury’s coaches expect his arrival at the dinner that opens the clinic will turn it into a madhouse. Wait until you see that, they all say, in one form or another.

There are these snippets and so much more in the piece that was done by Crossman for Bleacher Report on one of the fastest rising names in the college football game today, and it is certainly worth your time.

You can view the entire piece on Kingsbury by simply clicking here.

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