Apr 5, 2014; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving (2) reacts after missing a shot in overtime against the Charlotte Bobcats at Quicken Loans Arena. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Cavs plan for LeBron James, Kevin Love could've been ruined by Kyrie Irving

Before free agency ever broke this offseason, the Cleveland Cavaliers had a plan. They were going to recruit LeBron James back to his former franchise and they were going to put together some type of trade package for Kevin Love.

Oh yeah, they just needed point guard Kyrie Irving to sign his contract extension to make sure everything would go to plan. The same Kyrie Irving who reportedly was questioning if he wanted to commit to the franchise long-term. But owner Dan Gilbert insisted the plan would work and sold Kyrie Irving on the idea of forming a three-headed monster along with Kevin Love and LeBron James.

Irving bought in and signed his name on the dotted line, but had he decided not to and requested a ticket out of town, Terry Pluto believes the plan would’ve blown up in the Cavaliers face.

Owner Dan Gilbert and Griffin talked big picture, and it had to sound more like a wild dream to Irving.

The Cavs would add Love and James. It really, really could happen, they insisted.

Really, Irving wondered.

Really, Gilbert and Griffin insisted.

But Irving had to make the first move. If he failed to sign — and forced a trade — the Cavs’ plans would turn to ashes.

Nobody will ever really know how the situation would have unfolded had Kyrie Irving decided he wanted out as the Cavs still would have had enough money to sign LeBron James in free agency and pieces to trade for Kevin Love. Of course, a James/Love squad isn’t as terrifying as one with Irving and it’s possible neither player would have wanted to be part of such if Irving wasn’t around.

Alas, the plan worked and James, Love and Irving appear to be in position to start their own dynasty.

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