Aug 22, 2014; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg and quarterback Matt Simms (5) on the bench against the New York Giants during the second half at MetLife Stadium. The Giants defeated the Jets 35-24. Mandatory Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Jets QB coach will castrate Matt Simms if he does Victor Cruz salsa dance again

Jets third-string QB Matt Simms created a funny moment when he celebrated a touchdown pass in last week’s Giants-Jets preseason game by breaking out some Victor Cruz-style salsa dance moves.

Unfortunately Matt’s QB coach David Lee wasn’t laughing. And Lee has a warning for Simms if he ever pulls that stuff again (via

“He did his little salsa dance, and I got him on the phone,” Lee, the Jets’ quarterbacks coach, said with a smile. “Told him if he ever did that again I was going to castrate him.”

Castration sounds a tad Game of Thronesian for a mere salsa dance, but Simms says he understands where Lee is coming from:

“Coach Lee was just trying to make sure I’m focused and doing the right things and not making a show out of it,” Simms said. “He found it funny, but at the same time wanted me to make sure I wasn’t crossing a line.”

Nothing will focus a man faster than threatening to slice off his dong. It got my attention and I’m not even the one being threatened with having my junk snipped.

Though I think we all understand the need for focus in football, you have to wonder about David Lee and his motivational tactics. I guess if it works, it works.

I personally would be a little uncomfortable if coaches were talking about castration, but that’s just me. Locker room culture can sometimes be a little bit bewildering.

Just be careful who you threaten with castration, David Lee. There could be a Chris Kluwe on your team who takes that totally the wrong way.

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