Pee-wee football QB Dylan Brown pulls off amazing touchdown run (Video)

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While they may not have the attendance that NFL and college football games get, nor the TV exposure, obviously, pee-wee football games across the country generally can provide some of the most exciting action on the gridiron that you can imagine. This time, it’s young Dylan Brown providing us with an incredible moment.

Watch in the video provided below as Brown does maybe the best Johnny Manziel impression that you will ever see, eluding every bit of danger in his path, en route to the amazing six points.

Yeah, that’s about as close you can get under center to making yourself look like Manziel, without the floating around on an inflatable swan chugging champagne, of course.

Do these pee-wee games have the best defenses in the world? Absolutely not. But the kids are having fun out there, and that’s all that matters in the end.  It’s just, sometimes, one kid will have more fun than the others, and in this case, Brown was having the time of his life.

Now given the recent trend of offering kids scholarships before they even hit high school, there is no word yet on whether or not Brown has received calls from Les Miles and Nick Saban. But would we really be surprised, at this point, if he did?

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