NFL: Predicting the NFC's division winners

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Every year I survive the seven months that separate Super Bowl Sunday from the following NFL season’s Thursday night opener, and every year I wonder how I manage to do it.

I still don’t have the answer.

Don’t get me wrong: I love the NBA, and I enjoy spending my summers following baseball and tuning into the major tournaments in both golf and tennis. At times I even attempt to convince myself that my passion for the other professional sports compares to my passion for football. But, this just in: it doesn’t.

Football, I believe, is the greatest game in the world, and the NFL is the greatest league in the world. For five months, the NFL is at the center of the American sports universe and, I would argue, at the center of American culture. Again — no sport compares.

So, rejoice, because the 2014 NFL regular season is now only six days away.

I took the time to pick winners for every game from Week 1 onward and thus pick division winners, wild cards, and even conference winners.

Today I reveal my NFC picks and, next week, I will reveal (in the latter part of this two-part column) my AFC picks. But without any further ado, here are my 2014 NFC predictions:

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