Aug 30, 2014; Champaign, IL, USA; Youngstown State quarterback Dante Nania (3) hands the ball off to running back Jody Webb (20) in the game against Illinois at Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Youngstown State punt goes straight into lineman's butt (GIF)

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, along comes Youngstown State to demonstrate just how many possible things there still are out there for you to witness.

Before today, I had never seen this particular outcome on a punt. Youngstown State sets up like you would expect against Illinois, but instead of kicking it away the punter tries to run with it.

youngstown state

I guess you have to call this an option punt? The punter finally decides that he isn’t going to make it and tries to kick it away. Unfortunately, the punt hits a Youngstown State lineman in the backside.

The ruling on this was a team block. Basically, Youngstown State blocked their own punt.

Yes, now we have the butt block to go with the butt fumble. But you can’t really get too mad at the punter here. He was being asked to execute a play that never should have been called.

The Youngstown State coaches just got a little too cute here and put their punter in a terrible situation. Now that poor guy is a laughing stock. It’s not bad enough that he’s a punter, he’s also going to be the butt of jokes.

Ha, butt of jokes. Like that one. But seriously, just kick it if you’re going to kick it.

[GIF via @TomFornelli]

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