NFL: 5 teams most likely to underachieve

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Don’t get your hopes up.

That’s my advice to all the NFL fans.

So much can change in a split-second; there’s no reason to truly expect anything from this NFL season, or any NFL season for that matter, because it will change before you even know what’s happening. If you can keep your expectations at a minimum, you’ll also never be let down.

While that makes complete sense, it’s also in the same line of thinking that produced this quote from Dodgeball’s Peter La Fleur:


Although it makes sense to lower our expectations, it’s quite impossible for any of us to do so, which leads to terrible, terrible disappointment when we’re let down. Think of this column as a thoughtful reminder to try to lower your expectations for this NFL season, especially if you’re favorite team is on the list. It will lessen the blow when your favorite team underachieves in 2015.

The expected wins I’ve chosen are from Bovada and can be found here for all 32 teams.

The NFL teams most likely to underachieve in 2015 are…

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