Fantasy Baseball Crackerjacks: Looking Ahead to 2013


We had a blast in our first year as a fantasy baseball website and we appreciate you reading. While we had loads of fun with it, we also feel like we learned a thing or two and have set some goals for 2013, our second full year. Bigger and better and all that. I want to share 5 of those goals with you and give you an idea of where you can come in.

  1. We’ve committed to posting daily in 2013. We want to be able to produce timeless strategy pieces that you’ll enjoy reading no matter what the date is, plus we want to be able to give you timely fantasy baseball insight on any significant moves in baseball. We need writers to make this happen. We’ve added Mims, who has been a fantastic addition, and we’re looking for more. Click here if you are interested. If you love fantasy baseball, have talent for writing, and want to jump into the pool of fantasy baseball writers, then I encourage you to give it some thought.
  2. We’re looking to expand our partnerships in 2013. One of my favorite lines from LOST was when Jack said, “We live together, or we die alone.” In order to be successful on the internet you need to network and make friends. We’ve loved our partnership with the Dear Mr. Fantasy Baseball Podcast as it allows us to point you to a great podcast while saving our time for writing. In 2013 we’ll be looking to branch out more and form partnerships in new areas. Contact us if you have a thought on a potential partnership. We’re listening.
  3. We’re going to experiment with a few new ideas in 2013. We have some ideas to add increased functionality to the site, perhaps spin off some companions to the website, or to offer additional resources like ebooks. The key word is experiment and while we have tons of ideas in the hopper, we aren’t ready to commit to just one yet. But rest assured that 2103 will see some new things from the Crackerjacks.
  4. We commit to not only keeping the quality high, but to make it even better in 2013. We don’t want you to ever be reading this site and think to yourselves, “Remember when we actually enjoyed reading the stuff at Fantasy Baseball Crackerjacks?” We want you to not only enjoy reading this site, but to feel like you learn new things about fantasy baseball and become a better player because of it. W’re going to step up our game and consistently look for ways to improve upon what we are already doing.

If we can achieve this goal, then we trust you’ll tell your friends about us. That’s where you come in. If you’ve enjoyed reading Fantasy Baseball Crackerjacks, then please share us on social media and refer us to friends. Our final goal for 2013 is to reach 5X the unique readers per month. Note that this is 5 times the page views because we don’t want to resort to tricks just to increase our advertisers. We’re talking about expanding our regular readership base 5 times what it currently is. We’ll need help with that. So please do us a solid, well, two.

  1. Share us often on your social networks, and we promise that we’ll share tons of great fantasy baseball content in return.
  2. Tell us what you want from us. If there’s something that you’d like to see more of, let us know. If there’s something that you really like from us, let us know. We can look at the numbers as a barometer to tell what’s working and what’s not, but nothing beats hearing it straight from our readers.