Penn State Leads Voting for Cover of NCAA 14


One of the more improbable seasons was had this year by the Penn State Nittany Lions. The year started out with the cloud of Joe Paterno’s death and the stink of the Jerry Sandusky scandal hampering the spirits of the team and their fans. But they overcame the adversity to post an eight win season, one that saw them upset Wisconsin in their final game of the season.

Bill O’Brien won Coach of the Year by ESPN as well as being named Big Ten Coach of the Year by his peers within the conference. But the guys who stayed with the team, and didn’t scurry off to another school to be bowl eligible, may be getting some much deserved recognition in the media.

The folks over at EA are holding a vote, much like they did with Madden 13, to see who should be on the cover of this year’s edition of NCAA Football ’14. As it stands currently, Kentucky is rolling in at No. 2 with an astounding 11,561 votes, which is almost more than 10,000 more votes than Alabama, Georgia or any other SEC school. But while Kentucky is outdoing some of the titans of college football, they themselves are being outdone by perhaps the most polarizing program in the country.

Penn State is leading all NCAA Football 14 voting with a current total of 12,672 votes.

The next question is, if Penn State wins the voting, will EA put out a game that has the Nittany Lions on it? The Jerry Sandusky scandal is still relevant in the eyes of the public, and some may see a problem with having the school a child molester called home on the cover of a nationally played game. I’m looking directly to the Christian Right on this one, who for once actually have a pretty good point that it’s beyond a questionable idea.

Having Penn State on the cover of NCAA Football 14 would no doubt cause a stir, but who would it really be honoring. Would it be honoring Sandusky, Paterno and that era a smut, or would it be honoring the kids who are trying to lift the spirits of those who had nothing to do with the scandal but are being held accountable as such?

There’s a lot of time for the votes to fluctuate, but as it stands now, one of the most polarizing programs in the country seems to be the most popular among the video game community.

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