49ers Cut Lead to 24-21 with Frank Gore TD Run (GIF)


When the Atlanta Falcons sucked some air out of the 49ers sails at the end of the first half, by scoring a touchdown to extend their lead back to 10, we all wondered how long it would take the Niners to bounce back.

Frank Gore’s answer: not long.

That whole deferring the opening kickoff idea Jim Harbaugh had at the start of the game ended up not looking so bad after all. Less than five minutes into the third quarter, the 49ers marched down the field and handed the ball to the best running back the franchise has ever had. Frank Gore ran the ball in from five yards out and just like that, a once 17-0 game had become a three point Falcons lead at 24-21.

The Niners were shut out in the first quarter, but they scored 14 unanswered points in the second, a scoring run started by another running back the 49ers have. LaMichael James scored the first touchdown of the game for San Francisco, but it didn’t take long for Gore to get in on that action too. So far on the day Gore has racked up 52 yards on 12 carries and has helped keep the 49ers in the game.

San Francisco ran the ball heavily to start the game, and it was Gore — not Colin Kaepernick– who was carrying the load. Gore’s touchdown brings the Niners back within three and the momentum is starting to swing their way in Atlanta.