San Francisco 49ers Take First Lead of Game on Frank Gore TD Run (GIF)


They once trailed 17-0, but after scoring 14 points in the second quarter and seven in the third, the San Francisco 49ers have taken the lead in Atlanta for the first time all day long.

It’s hard to pinpoint which is more notable: the fact that the 49ers were able to comeback from 17-0 to eventually take the lead in the fourth quarter, or the fact that the Falcons had a 17-0 lead that they literally fumbled away in the fourth quarter.

Frank Gore scored a touchdown earlier in the game to bring the Niners back within three points, but it was his second touchdown on the day that gave the 49ers not only new life, but their first lead of the game.

There is still around 5 minutes left in the game which is more than enough time for the Falcons to come back. But one thing they couldn’t do was put themselves in a similar situation to where they were last week against the Seahawks, and it appears that’s exactly where they are against a much better team in the Niners.