Donald Trump Congratulates Deadspin For Manti Te’o Story; Deadspin Offers Amazing Response


The folks at Deadspin did an amazing job when they broke the story of the Manti Te’o fake girlfriend hoax. The internet was stunned with the news and many of the top media outlets in the nation picked up the story and ran with it. Deadspin was receiving praise from all over the media and one influential man decided to offer his personal congratulations to Deadspin for breaking the story.

Donald Trump took to his Twitter account for a noble gesture to congratulate the website on a job well done.

Yes. That is the real Donald. You can see the nice little blue check mark to acknowledge a verified account. What happened next was one of the better moments in internet and Twitter history. Deadspin decided to respond to “The Donald” as only Deadspin can. WARNING: There response features some explicit language.

Here was Deadspin’s response:

Simply amazing. If Deadspin didn’t win over some fans with such a big story, they definitely won some fans with their incredible response to Donald Trump. Deadspin said to Donald exactly what a large portion of America wished they had the chance to say.