Miami Dolphins New Logo: Top Design Possibilities For The Team’s 2013 Look


The Miami Dolphins will have a new logo and new uniforms for the 2013 NFL season. The new logo is not expected to be a major change, but there will be some tweaks to the image while keeping the same general color pallet. Team owner Stephen Ross has already confirmed that the team’s will unveil the logo before the 2013 NFL Draft and an image has already leaked of what could possibly be the Dolphins new logo.

The above image of what could potentially become the Miami Dolphins new logo in 2013 has been circulating the web for weeks. It is reportedly “very close” to how the new logo will appear. But what are some of the other ideas floating out there?

An online community of fans and graphic designers,  99designs, has launched a competition to create the best concept for the Dolphins next logo. The winner of the contest will not become the Dolphins new logo, but it gives us some interesting ideas and a few great design possibilities for the team’s new look.

I was searching through the potential logo designs in the contest — you can view all of the entries HERE — and found a few of my favorites to share with you all.

I am a big fan of simple, clean logos that mix the modern day look with a few retro characteristics. Today, in sports, logos can get out of hand or too busy for my liking and it makes them hard to look at. If the Dolphins do their re-design the right way, their color scheme could really pop.

Here was my favorite logo design:

You still get the feel of the dolphin and keep the team’s colors while bring a new flair to the look. Like I mentioned, this logo would be sleek and modern. I can imagine some incredible gear featuring this logo and the retro font style, but I understand the logo may be too simple for others.

Here are a few more of my favorite logo designs for the 2013 Miami Dolphins:

Which of the possibilities are your favorite and what would you like to add to the potential new logo for the 2013 season? Let us hear your thoughts and opinions by sounding off in the comments section.