Colin Kaepernick: 49ers Quarterback Set to Re-Design Website With Help From Design Contest


San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is a growing star in the NFL and he will be looking to expand his online presence by re-designing his official website after the conclusion of Super Bowl XLVII. Kaepernick is already seeing his status as a fan-favorite go through the roof and the decision to let the design of his website up to a contest on 99designs decide the new look will only improve his standing with the fans.

Kaepernick is truly a man of the fans — and, in this case, the web designers.

“Because of the magnitude of the game coming up, the rapid turnaround required and our desire to get the absolute best design we could, 99designs fit the bill. We employ fantastic in-house designers but wanted to get as many great ideas as we could from 99designs’ enormous design community, including some of Colin’s designer fans,” said Tim Evans, President of Chicago-based Athlete Web Design. “We’ve used 99designs for other projects and have had great results.”

There are more than 200 designs currently submitted. The contest is private, so they will not be unveiled until after the contest is over, but the fine folks of 99designs gave a sneak peek at some of the best submissions.

Graphic designers wishing to enter can register with 99designs for free and submit designs to the contest through Tuesday, February 5th.

Here are some of the potential designs for Kaepernick’s website, starting with my personal favorite:

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