Ray Lewis Carries Lombardi Trophy on Flight Home (Photo)


Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis ended his NFL career on Sunday night with a Super Bowl victory and he can walk off into the sunset on a high note.

Many had expected Lewis to have an emotional post game interview, but he seemed reserved compared to the times we have seen him during the playoffs. Lewis seemed to be treasuring his final moment as a player and he kept his emotions in check.

While Lewis didn’t go as crazy as many had imagined after the final whistle, he stayed in the moment and got up close and personal with the Lombardi Trophy. The Ravens passed the Lombardi Trophy around the plane so every player and staff member would be able to hold the trophy and treasure the moment and somebody was able to capture Lewis’ moment with the ultimate goal.

Here is the photo, via reddit:

It was a great career for Lewis. Despite all of the drama and trouble that followed him throughout his entire career off the field, there is no denying that on the field Lewis is one of the all-time great linebackers.