Johnny Manziel Expected to Enter the 2014 NFL Draft?

Could Johnny Manziel bolt for the NFL after the 2013 college football season? (Mandatory Photo Credit: US PRESSWIRE)
Could Johnny Manziel bolt for the NFL after the 2013 college football season? (Mandatory Photo Credit: US PRESSWIRE) /

Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel had one of the most impressive freshman seasons in college football history that ended with the man that has been nicknamed “Johnny Football” winning the Heisman Trophy.

Now, with Manziel entering his redshirt sophomore season, there is some speculation that this could be his final year in the college ranks.

Manziel sat down for a discussion with ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit and he seemed all but ready to bolt for the NFL following the 2013 college football season. Manziel sounded like a player that had made up his mind to go pro after the mandatory third year out of college.

You can expect this is a situation that will be watched closely throughout the season.

The belief that Manziel could be going pro has been considered before, but it now appears that it could be a foregone conclusion that Johnny Football will take his talents to the pros. But how would NFL talent evaluators view Manziel?

Here is the vibe scouts are getting now:

"One NFL talent evaluator compared Manziel to former Duke standout Bobby Hurley, saying he’s the best point guard in America, able to dish it off or take the ball to the hoop himself with his rare athletic instincts.Alabama coach Nick Saban once compared Manziel to Doug Flutie, though NFL scouts do not believe the Texas A&M quarterback has the same type of arm strength. One scout said Manziel, who’s listed as 6-1, is more like Fran Tarkenton, able to scramble or throw the ball pretty accurately.NFL scouts are uneasy about his Manziel’s size.They also are uncertain how high he’ll wind up going when he turns pro or what type of quarterback he’ll be, given that he’s only a redshirt freshman. But even NFL evaluators are enamored with watching Manziel work his magic."

It would be a surprise to see Manziel considered a top prospect if he was to declare for the 2014 NFL Draft,  but he could also show improvement during his sophomore season that could erase any concerns.

How do you think Manziel will do in the NFL? Is he a prospect that you would want your team to take high in the draft? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.