Chad Johnson Wants to Make NFL Comeback with Houston Texans


Ochocinco needs some mucho dinero, and he’s planning to ascertain his future wealth by making an NFL comeback as soon as the 2013 season. According to CSN Houston, the wide receiver formerly known as Ochocinco is planning on making a comeback in the NFL and he’s eyeing the Houston Texans as the team he returns to. Chad Johnson told CSN Houston that he and Andre Johnson grew up together and he’d love nothing more than to earn his second chance in the league playing next to a man he considers a good friend.

First off, this isn’t Johnson’s second chance, it’s his third or fourth chance. He wasted a few chances while with the Bengals when he switched his name around, he was useless during his forgettable stint with the New England Patriots and he didn’t even make the opening day roster with the Dolphins before the 2012 season kicked off.

Johnson’s run in the NFL appeared to be over when he beat up his then-wife while with the Dolphins, as aside from being a jerk off the field, his showboating tactics were running thin on the field as he had nothing left to back them up with. Sure Johnson would love to play with the Texans, but what makes him think he’d succeed in Houston?

The only evidence you need to draw the conclusion that Johnson is washed up, is the fact that Tom Brady couldn’t find a solid use for him. Brady could pull a midget out of the stands and make him useful in that offense, but Johnson failed to catch on — or catch anything while with arguably the greatest team of the last decade.

But who are we to tell Johnson what to do, as other players have been able to redeem themselves on their third or fourth try in the past. But the fact that Johnson thinks this is a “second chance” tells you where his mind is and his performance over the last three years seals the deal when it comes to how productive Ochocinco will be on the field in 2013.