Game Of Thrones, Season 3 Premiere Drinking Game


The world returns to Westeros tonight when the long awaited premier of the third season of Game of Thrones airs on HBO.

Here at FanSided, we always like to accompany celebrating our fandom with a little refreshment so please join us this evening in geeking out with a little Game of Thrones drinking game. Feel free to use the beverage of your choice. Wine from the Arbor, Mead or any other ale is certainly acceptable. Just don’t accidentally mistake your mug your jar of wild fire.

Take one drink:

-Every time someone says “Khaleesi.”

-Every time any of the characters drinks.

-Every time someone dies.

-Every time someone calls Tyrion “Imp.”

-If someone mentions Ned Stark.

-Every time Jaime Lannister calls Brienne “wench.”

-Someone gets decapitated.

-Someone loses a limb.

-Every time someone calls Jaimie “Kingslayer.”

-Every time Hodor says “Hodor.”

Take two drinks:

-If one of the Stark children has a wolf dream.

-Every time you see an exposed breast. Two drinks per breast.

-If a Weirwood (Heart Tree) is shown.

-If a White Walker kills someone.

-If entrails are shown.

-If someone makes fun of Varys for being a eunuch.

-If Joffrey kills someone with his crossbow.

-If someone calls Jon Snow a bastard.

-If someone says “Winter is coming.”

Take three drinks:

-If Arya kills someone.

-If a dragon kills someone.

-If Bran sees the three-eyed crow.

-Someone says “Snark” or “Grumpkin.”

-If Dany says “I am blood of the dragon.”

-If there is incest .

Finish your drink:

-If a Stark dies.

-If a Lannister dies.

-If Hodor’s massive dong is shown again

Do a shot:

-If Winter comes.

Have fun and drink responsibly!