Luke Joeckel on Joining Kansas City Chiefs: It’d Be a Dream Come True’

Photo via Brian Spurlock, USA Today Sports
Photo via Brian Spurlock, USA Today Sports /

Texas A&M offensive tackle Luke Joeckel is considered by many to be the top draft prospect in the 2013 NFL Draft and there is a very good chance that he will be selected first-overall by the Kansas City Chiefs. With the big day just a few weeks away, Joeckel is beginning to think about being the top pick in the draft and he calls it a dream come true to have the opportunity that he has worked so hard for.

It’s just crazy to think about,” Joeckel said, while speaking with John McMullen of The Sports Network. “Starting football in the second grade, you don’t really think about that kind of stuff.”

Joeckel may not have spent time thinking about the possibility of being the first-overall pick, but it is very close to becoming a reality.

“It would be really cool. A dream come true,” Joeckel added. ” But the way I’m just looking at it, I want to get there.  I am definitely striving to be the No. 1 pick, going through this entire process.  But my dream is to just play in the NFL.”

There has been some discussion that Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher could leapfrog Joeckel as the top offensive tackle in this year’s draft class because of his superior athleticism, but Joeckel’s polish and experience against high level competition should be enough to keep him atop the Kansas City Chiefs big board.

In just a matter of weeks we will all find out if Joeckel’s dream will come true.