Game Review-Out of The Park Baseball 14

If your ready to take your fantasy baseball play to the next level, OOTP 14 is just the way to do it. In the past I have purchased the mobile version of the game and thoroughly enjoyed it so I was excited when I had the opportunity to evaluate the full version for this year. In the interest of full disclosure, I was planning on buying the full version of this game but was given a copy for evaluation which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I’m totally hooked on this game and will continue to enjoy the depth the game offers.

To sum the game up in one word I’d go with “DEEP.” The game is absolutely limitless in how far you can go. Every facet of the game is completely customizable. You can choose to start with modern rosters or go back in history recreating any season back to 1871. The historic accuracy is absolutely amazing.

Once you select your team, complete control is all yours. You can do a fantasy draft selecting each player or you can choose to start with a roster from any given year. I have spent hours in this mode and have yet to find any limit to the depth of options.

I have yet to really tear into the dynasty mode, but the depth there is incredible as well. There are multiple tracks of player development with the draft, college, and international players all becoming an integral part of building your roster. The developer has spent time setting up the algorithms so that the new players fit seamlessly in with historical options.

I’ve also yet to dive into the many online options where you can take your team and go online to take on other in full sim-leagues. The options are virtually endless in that mode as well.

In-season you can choose to simulate everything, watch games pitch-by-pitch, or anywhere in between. Not only do you have complete control of your roster, but you also can manage every at-bat like the manager from the bench. How you play your players and how they perform affects their morale and ultimately can build your team on solid chemistry or fracture your clubhouse. The play-by-play and animations make it just like following your fantasy team online except you are in complete control of substitutions and other strategy to guide your team to the title.

Each season is unique and incredibly deep giving you full access to any stat you could want for every player. The simulations are extremely realistic and the play-by-play has enough options that it does not get overly repetitive keeping watching the games highly entertaining.

If you have ever wanted to build a team from the ground up, this is your chance. OOTP 14 offers you the ability to sit in the GM or the Manager seat and take control of your team. It is so deep it can be a little intimidating, but it is a fairly user-friendly experience and comes with plenty of tutorials to get you started. The help files are all easy to understand and break things down making everything fairly straightforward. The OOTP development team issues updates to take care of any bugs in the game so that there is no technical problems that remain unaddressed.

Whether your a first-time baseball simulation player or an experienced veteran, OOTP 14 is sure to bring the heat and give  you a fantasy baseball experience you are sure to enjoy.

I highly recommend this game as the deepest and most immersive baseball simulator on the market.

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