LeBron James New Shoe Says He’s a ‘2-Time Champion’ (Photo)


The Miami Heat are hoping to avoid elimination tonight against the San Antonio Spurs but if you ask LeBron James’ shoes what the score in the series is, they’ll tell you it’s already over. It’s not that LeBron’s new shoes think the Heat have no chance, it’s that they think the Heat have already won the series and proclaim as much inside the shoe.

Either this shoe is Jimmy The Greek reincarnated in a sneaker and knows something we don’t know or Nike may have jumped the gun a bit in proclaiming LeBron and the Heat champions once again. Current tally shoes that LeBron James has won a just one single NBA title in his entire career but he technically has won a championship more than once.

If we’re getting super technical here, LeBron’s second title mentioned in the shoe could be his one of the State Championship he won in high school or it could be referring to the two gold medals he has from winning with Team USA in Beijing in 2008 and again in London in 2012.

Given that the text is highlighted in gold, we’re going to correct this potential error by Nike and say it’s referring to the two gold medals he won and not the two NBA titles he doesn’t yet have. But are we really to that point in LeBron’s career where we’re scrambling to find championship titles to paste up next to his name?

Then again, we may also all be getting a little too analytical about a shoe.

[H/T: The Basketball Jones]