Adrian Peterson knows when he’ll break Emmitt Smith’s record

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports /

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson had the second best rushing season of all time last year. Fans have already heard Peterson talk about eyeing 2,500 yards, had Peterson not gotten off to such a slow start last year he could’ve reached that mark. Reaching 2,000 yards again would be an NFL record in itself.

So is it possible that Adrian Peterson could possibly break Emmitt Smith’s All-Time rushing record? A record thought to be unbreakable as NFL embraced the passing attack and teams went to two back systems.

“Reachable,” Peterson says. “It can happen.”

Dan Wiederer of the Star Tribune did the math for us so we wouldn’t have to. Basically if Adrian Peterson kept up his career pace of roughly 98.4 yards a game, he’d break the record on September 29th of 2019, or week 4 of that season.

Channeling his university roots Peterson responds: “sooner than that,” he says. “For real. Sooner.”

“I’ve been in the league seven years,” Peterson told Wiederer. “I’m already right around (9,000). Calculate it out … Let’s think. Maybe get a couple 2,000-yard seasons … I’ve got … Hmmm … 2017.”

A couple 2,000 yard seasons is hardly something to rely on as no one has ever done it. Peterson needs to focus more on being healthy.