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NFL considering suspending Bucs’ Dashon Goldson


The NFL is once again considering suspending Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety Dashon Goldson. He has already been fined once and suspended once this season for helmet-to-helmet hits. His suspension was reduced to a $100,000 fine. That brings his 2013 fine total up to $130,000.

From ESPN:

"The NFL is discussing whether to suspend Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety Dashon Goldson for his latest helmet-to-helmet hit Sunday, according to a league source."

After that suspension was overturned Goldson vowed to be smarter with his hits.

“I know there are going to be a lot of eyes on me from now on. And that’s OK. I just have to be smart,” Goldson said. “I’m not trying to hurt my team, and I’m definitely not trying to hurt myself with the way I play.”

His hit wasn’t the blatant helmet-to-helmet hit that we’ve seen from him before. The NFL might have run out of patience though. Dashon tried to explain himself after the game in comments in the video below.

He basically explains that he saw the receiver in the air and saw an opportunity to knock him out of bounds and that he wasn’t going for the head. He was simply trying to make a play, and playing hard.