Bruce Arians calls Cardinals offense putrid


The Arizona Cardinals went to Tampa Bay and beat the Buccaneers for their second win of the season. The Bucs even kept the Arizona Cardinals off the board till the fourth quarter, when they were leading 10-0. A 13 point spurt gave the Cardinals the victory.

That included a touchdown and field goal in a less than two minute span in the final four minutes of the game. Both of those posessions started on Tampa Bay’s side of the field.

The Cardinals in fact never started a drive in their own half of the field, and the drive that gave them a touchdown after an interception gave them possession on Tampa’s 13-yard line.

The offense also threw two interceptions and lost a fumble once, but put the ball on the ground twice.

“It was putrid,” head coach Bruce Arians said, via the team’s official website.

Some of the struggles on offense could be attributed to growing pains.

“It’s part of growing as a unit,” Palmer said. “A new system, new players, there’s not a lot of continuity, really anywhere.

“We will continue to get better.”

“I haven’t seen it take this long ever,” Arians disagrees.

They host the Carolina Panthers next week and can’t rely on mistakes of the other team to fuel their offense. The Panthers are fresh of a bye week and averaging just under 23 points a game.